Wednesday, June 25, 2008

2 good flights - Wednesday

Things are clicking today -

AM: 4th flight/South Basin
Deepworkers: Bekah Shepard, Greg Slater
CapCom: Mike Gernhardt

• Map 23-30 meter depths in south, south basin
• Bekah successfully retrieves first rock and microbialite samples
• Microbialites preferentially growing on rock debris flows
• Cool new carbonate spheres observed in microbial mats of the south basin
• Greg’s navigation malfunctions shortly after first way point. This delay puts him out of GPS range of nav boat. He continues the dive on com’s from barge explored microbilate structures on west shore documented depth of termination and several morphological zones. This ‘salvaged’ flight still provided useful information toward science goals. Not withstanding technical and logistical difficulties.

PM: 5th flight/
Deepworkers: Allyson, Bernard
Capcom: Darlene Lim

• North portion of South basin
• 40m contour/120 feet the bottom was carbonate flour.
• Observe 'cloud', not like deepworker sediment trail, looked lighter.
• Took video footage, GPS and attempted fly around the edges. May warrant further investigation.
• Crossed basin over to roadside shoreline and saw evidence of human debris and trash
• Retrieved microbialite growing on large rock at 80feet
• Brought home on low battery

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