Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day Five/Friday

Underwater Video Camera
AM dive
Deepworkers: Allyson, Bernard
CapCom: Greg

Western shoreline, along road
Bernard – south at 40m and return at 23m
Allyson – south at 30m and return at 15m

Allyson retrieved sample from 15m depth. Rock with structured microbial colony formations.

• 40m contour – sparse dome-shaped formations, with CaCO3 flour substrate
• 30m contour – large, dense structures forming down-slope reefs, separated by debris slopes
• 23m contour – large domes descending down-slope, transitioning from cauliflower- to artichoke-type at 23m depth
• 15m contour – rock slide areas. Formations on rocks mirroring slide shapes and fields of microbialite. Small cauliflower type, friable microbialites.

PM Dive
Deepworker pilots: Mike Gernhardt, Darlene Lim
CapCom: Bekah

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