Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Long, good day, little rest - Tuesday

AM: 2nd flight/North Basin
Deepworkers: Bernard Laval, Allyson Brady
CapCom: Greg Slater

North Basin contour mapping completed
Not a lot of formations in this area – why?

PM: 3rd flight/South Basin
Deepworkers: Darlene Lim, Mike Gernhardt
CapCom: Bekah Shepard

Gernhardt’s communication link with the navigation boat malfunction – despite this he is able to explore using a magnetic compass and dead reckoning and video document several microbialite rich areas in the southern basin. Lim goes to map deeper and run by wall

Undulating bottom and steep walls make for ‘advanced flying’, subs maneuver well in more complex terrain

Rock fields observed at south, south basin

Dwarf fields of microbialites observed

Microbialites growing on canyon walls, angled upwards

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