Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday - July 7

Carol Turse prepares speciman

Science week continues to go well.

• Bekah led two dives into the South South Basin. The group found signs of springs, mats, algae and other formations. The microbialites were small and large cone shaped formations and continued into the shallow water.
• Allyson dove Three Poles and brought up mat samples.
• Greg, Alfonso and Emily went to the Basque Lakes where they took samples from the 5 ponds in the area.
• Dirk hiked the fault zone and came down through the Willow Creek area observing rock formations and compositions
• Zena finished with ALL the submersible tapes. In addition she scanned all diver logs. A huge job - now complete.
• The remainder of the team prepared specimens and packed equipment for tomorrow’s visit to nearby lakes

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