Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Science week/Tuesday

Circa 1970's beer can with microbialite growth recovered from Pavilion Lake

Carol Turse

Science week continues with some of the team completing more dives at Pavilion Lake, some continuing to prepare samples for transport back to the lab and the remainder taking field trips to nearby lakes for additional observations and sampling.

• Dives completed at the Herms, top of the mounds, Willow Point, Three Poles and the South Basin. A chimney sample was taken from Willow Point. A beer can was retrieved with microbialite growth. A preliminary investigation identifies the can label as the type of can that might have been distributed in the 70's.
• Gavia completed 7.5 hours of investigation in Kelly Lake
• Additional mat samples were obtained at Pavilion Lake South Basin and Willow Point
• Samples and readings were taken from Good Enough Lake, Clinton Lake and Probe Lake.
• Tuesday night’s science meeting discussed Phoenix findings and its relevancy to the work here. Alfonso led the discussion. In an amusing side note, Bill Taylor, Alfonso’s STAR teacher assistant for the summer, shared his observation of the role of graduate students in the Pavilion Lake work. He commended them for their work in tackling the ‘stinky lakes’ by doing the messy physical work of retrieving the samples, Gavia and other ‘up close and personal’ aspects of science research.
• The dry ice arrived today – there is a good quantity. The samples will be completed, packed and shipped Thursday.

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