Monday, July 7, 2008

Smooth Sailing - Day 2 Science

Allyson Brady and Darlene Lim prepare samples.
Photo by Carol Turse

Operations continue to go smoothly, we are still a day ahead of schedule!

1. Retreived samples at 35' and 85' near Three Poles for the seasonal study.
2. Sampled water chemistry from yesterdays 'TOP' mat area
3. Retrieved Licor and Thermisters from Three Poles science transect
4. Sampled core from 106' at Willow Cove with microelectrode probe
5. Conducted observation dive at Three Poles
6. Completed night dives to sample at Three Poles and Willow Point
7. Conducted additional microelectrode analysis of mats and structures with some interesting findings and results
8. Water samples taken from Kelly Lake and Pear Lake

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