Sunday, July 6, 2008

Saturday/Science Week: Day One

Microelectrode probes microbialite chimney

Science Week: Day One
The day went well and 7 dives were completed including checkout dives and all scheduled science dives. Two dives originally scheduled for Sunday were moved onto the Saturday list of dives – we are ahead of schedule.


The camp is full of new personnel who have set up the lab and additional equipment for processing samples. Except for one microelectrode cable, all equipment arrived safely. The missing cable will be here Tuesday and this backup piece of equipment is not negatively impacting current operations.


• All barge moorings were recovered and stowed.

• Bekah Shepard made two dives at 20’ to collect microbial mats – and identified a TOP (Target of Opportunity) about 10 meters offshore of the Willow Point transect. She notices adistinct sulfide smell and can feel warm spots as she moves through the water. She took samples and will return for further investigations

• Greg Druschel of the University of Vermont has arrived with the microelectrode. The equipment was deployed on the boat and taken to the Three Poles transect where it was deployed to targets at approximately 70 feet. Additional lab readings were completed on microbialite and mat samples.

• Bernard Laval and Darlene Lim took water chemistry samples from Pavilion and nearby Crown and Turquoise Lakes.

• Allyson Brady recovered two LIDs (Light Inhibiting Devices) that have been covering microbialites for one month and two week periods. This experiment is designed to stop photosynthesis and assess the resulting shift in the microbial communities living on the surface of the microbialites. 

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