Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sunday dives

Submersible with diver and UBC Gavia, the autonomous underwater vehicle
AM dive
Deepworkers: Allyson Brady and Bernard Laval
CapCom: Greg Slater

Willow Point – deep mounds (1st trip for these pilots)

• Less visibility
• Mud, sediment w/no structures until first wav point
• Observed ‘fire coral’ previously observed by Mike
• Tall, drendritic formations, black colored, some damaged
• Brought back sample for this area
• Mound – objects on top, fewer large structures
• Unexplored area closer to shore contained smaller mounds

PM dive
Deepworkers: Mike and Darlene
CapCom: Bekah

Willow Point – through shoal area

• Located Dave’s tree again
• Saw algae that warrants further investigation
• Interesting transitions between dome and high apex conical structures
• Mike found a beer bottle with 1997 date – with growth
• Flew tight formation and took sub pictures of each other – flying continues to improve
• Green slime in chara intertwined with green slime and microbialites at 45-60’ depths
• Great flight – executed complex multi-legged flight plan over complex topography

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