Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wednesday - Last Dive Day

Weather held and both dives completed!

Donnie’s underwater camera – RIP, the housing broke and the camera was flooded…

AM Dive
Deepworker pilots: Bekah, Mike Gernhardt
CapCom: Greg Slater

Recovered samples to better understand variability of deep water microbialites

• Recovered sample from middle of deep mound wall. Ability to hover and grasp precisely improves sample results
• Less thinking about enginnering issues and more thinking about scientific observations frees scientists to do more observation
• Very low impact on lake environment

PM Dive
Deepworker pilots: Bernard, Darlene
CapCom: Allyson

Completed mapping of N South Basin
• Fast learning curve for flying deepworker. Ability to target and grasp samples increases
• Combining horizontal and vertical thrusters increases potential. Now easily able to swing the vehicle around in the attitude you want

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