Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesday dives

AM dive
Deepworkers: Darlene Lim, Mike Gernhardt
CapCom: Bernard

South, south basin the 15m and 30m contours

• Roadside structures are smaller
• Large structures on steep overhangs
• Diversified, large 12-15’ structures on west side
• Tight formation flying with Darlene demonstrated the controllability and precision flying of the Deepworker
• Topography seems to play a large role
o Layers of sediment – no microbialites
o Steep ridges – abundant microbialites

PM dive
Deepworkers: Allyson, Greg
CapCom: Bekah
Dive shortened by weather – thunderstorm
Subs returned efficiently and safely

• Piles of crushed, disposed cans at 50’ had small amount of growth
• N South basin had two more logs with growth
• At 75’ large structures with chimneys
• Evidence of rock slides
• Some very large rocks exhibited growth
• Appears that structures tapered out about 90’

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